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 A. The average HVAC system circulates the air in a home or building an average of 200 to 400 times a day. As the air passes through the system, all pollutants ( mold, mildew, germs, viruses, bacteria, dust, etc..) are forced into the germicidal field created by the Air Probe Sanitizer. By using the short wavelength of Ultraviolet, the Air Probe Sanitizer effectively destroys the nucleic acids of airborne pathogens so that there DNA is disrupted. This stops their reproductive capabilities and kills them. The Air Probe Sanitizer also uses negative ionization to remove positively charged particles ( dust, pollen, dander, etc.) from the air and increase the efficiency of your filter. A natural byproduct of exposing germicidal light to moisture in the air is the production of the hydroxyl radical (OH-). By installing the Air Probe Sanitizer in the HVAC system hydroxyl radicals can effectively remove dangerous VOC'S that are found in different paints and coatings, cleaning products and gassing from computers and printers. The Air Probe Sanitizer does all of this without the use of ozone, chemicals or the need for additional hardware.



 Q. How Does It Work ?

Q. What is the warranty?

A.  Five years on the entire fixture, and two years on the lamps.


Q. How often should the UV lamps be replaced?

A. To maintain a clean HVAC system, every 3 years. If you are in a medical facility or suffer from extreme allergies, once every 12 months.

Q. How much electricity does the Air Probe Sanitizer use?

A. According to local utilities, about $1.86 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I purchase the Air Probe Sanitizer ?

A.  Ask your HVAC professional specifically for the Air Probe Sanitizer. Not all

ultraviolet systems are created equal. If your HVAC contractor does not carry the Air Probe Sanitizer, they can contact us directly for installation instructions and purchasing. You can also contact us directly to locate an installer in your area.



Q. Where should the Air Probe Sanitizer be installed in my air conditioning system?

A. In order to achieve maximum results from the ultraviolet produced by the Air Probe Sanitizer, it should be installed on the

supply/cold side of the cooling coil. Installing ultraviolet on the return side by the filter  or in the duct work of an air conditioning

system will reduce the effectiveness by as much as 50%.

Q. What about my heating and or furnace system?

A.  If the system does not have a cooling coil then duct mounting in an accessible area is best. If you have a humidifier, install

the Air Probe Sanitizer at least 36 inches before or after the humidifier.


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